DNA: Not getting sufficient snooze time? Sleep deprivation may damage DNA–Economic Times

WASHINGTON D.C. [USA]: Sleep deprivation does more harm to the human body than one can imagine. According to a recent study, sleep deprivation can affect our genes and lead to the damage of our DNA.

In the observational study on 49 healthy full-time doctors who had their blood analysed at different time points and on-call doctors who were required to work overnight on-site were found to have lower DNA repair gene expression and more DNA breaks than participants who did not work overnight.

In these overnight on-site call doctors, DNA repair gene expression decreased and DNA breaks increased after sleep deprivation. Damaged DNA increased after only one night of sleep deprivation.

Sleep Like A Baby! Six Technologies To Make Your Bedroom Cosier

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For A Sound Sleep!

9 Aug, 2017

Technology that’s so integral to our daily lives can not only jazz up our bedrooms but also improve the way we sleep at night.

This gorgeous little ball — Hello’s second-generation Sense with Voice — has everything to help you sleep better. Apart from measuring light, humidity, temperature, air quality, and noise, the device can now track volatile organic compounds like CO2, UV levels in the room and barometric pressure. Its Sleep Pill button attaches to your pillow to monitor your movements during the night and sends that data to the Sense app to analyse. (Image: http://www.hello.is)
Wearable bands are not just about tracking activities. The lightweight and stylish Jawbone UP3 is designed to deliver you the benefits of tracking your sleep and a comprehensive picture of your hear t health, apart from your dai ly activities. It tracks your sleep automatical ly measur ing Deep, Light and REM (rapid eye movement), and offers tips to help you get a better night’s rest, every night. (Image: http://www.jawbone.com)
Daily light therapy with a Philips morning wake-up light might change the way you start your day. This light alarm concept uses a coloured sunrise simulation with sound. It gradually brightens from soft morning red through orange until your room is filled with bright yellow light. The process of changing an increasing light, according to the company, stimulates your body to wake up naturally. (Image: http://www.usa.philips.com)
Wardrobes are passé. Gift your bedroom a smart clothing management system that not only houses your clothes but also refreshes them. The LG Styler reduces wrinkles and removes odours from your clothes minimising the frequency of their trips to the dry cleaners. Hot steam is used to refresh and remove both wrinkles and odours from clothing. (Image: http://www.lg.com)

According to the researchers, this damage may help explain the increased risk for cancer and cardiovascular, metabolic diseases as well as neurodegenerative disorders that are usually associated with sleep deprivation.

“Although this work is very preliminary, it is clear from the results that even a single night of sleep deprivation can trigger events that may contribute to the development of chronic disease,” said Siu-Wai Choi, lead researcher of the study.

via DNA: Not getting sufficient snooze time? Sleep deprivation may damage DNA

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