I have experienced that Bank authorities have genuine desire to help us.  However, Bank authorities do expect us to be transparent with them.  It is my experience–as SME consulant—that if we give our Bank all the information asked for —along with the required documents –, Banks do find a way out to help the clients.

Prior to starting on my own–as SME consultant—, I worked in Bank of Maharashtra as a manager–in places like Solapur–Latur–Pune and Mumbai— for a continuous period of 16 years and I also worked as Regional Manager.  

Since I have experience on both the sides of the fence, I know for sure—what Banks expect from SMEs and what SMEs expect from Bank.

My focus is to create an ” enabling environment ” for the SMEs.

Through the medium of this website, I desire to achieve this.

I am aware that there could be issues apart from generalized issue/s and hence I would be too glad to respond to any query and I be approached via mail on —

 Further I would be happy to get a feedback from viewers with a view to further improve the contents of the website.  

Nelson Mandela:

‘Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world’