I have experienced that Bank authorities have time constraints and hence are not able to devote sufficient time to clients who are thus deprived of an opportunity to discuss their issues in detail and are thus denied a viable solution to their problem/s.  To be fair to Bank authorities, it must be admitted that SMEs are not able to give the data that the bank authorities need. I know this for sure because I worked on both the sides and have experienced that if sufficient credible data / information is given to Bank authorities, they do find a solution.  I worked in a nationalized bank in managerial as well as executive position  and I also worked with SMEs to enable them to solve their problems. This dual role enabled me to understand what Banks expect from SMEs and what SMEs expect from Bank. My focus is to create an ” enabling environment ” for the SMEs. Through the medium of this website, I desire to achieve this. I am aware that there could be issues apart from generalized issue/s and hence I would be too glad to respond to any query and I be approached via mail on —  Further I would be happy to get a feedback from viewers with a view to further improve the contents of the website.