For every successful referral, users can earn Rs 10: PM Modi launches incentive scheme for BHIM

  1. Pushing for a less-cash economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the government’s ‘DigiDhan’ movement for digital payment is a step towards curbing the menace of corruption.
  2. While paying rich tributes to Dr B R Ambedkar on his 126th birth anniversary at the Deekshabhoomi here, the Prime Minister also launched two new schemes under the BHIM app for referral bonus to individual users and cash-back for merchants to incentivise them.
  3.   “This DigiDhan movement is a safai abhiyaan (cleanliness movement). It is to fight the menace of corruption,” said Modi addressing a public rally here. Seeking to rope in youngsters to promote cashless transactions, Modi said for every person you introduce to the BHIM app, you will get a cash back of Rs 10. “If you refer 20 people a day, you can earn Rs 200,” he said.
  4.  Notably, the PM had recently expressed gratitude to the people saying over the last few months the country had witnessed an atmosphere in which people in large numbers participated in the digital payment, the ‘Digidhan’ movement.
  5. Commenting on the Aadhaar-based digital payment mobile application, he said, “The BHIM app is positively impacting several lives across the country.” “We are reaching a time when the mobile phones will be where financial transactions will take place,” he said. Developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the Aadhaar-linked Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) mobile app is based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI).
  6. In December 2016, Modi had launched the BHIM app for facilitating electronic payments by consumers. In March, the government launched Aadhaar Pay, a new Android-based smartphone app. The BHIM-Aadhaar app will pave the way for making digital payments by using the Aadhaar platform.
  7. It will enable every Indian citizen to pay digitally using their thumb imprint on a merchants’ biometric-enabled device, which could be a smartphone having a biometric reader. “Transactions can be possible (even) with less cash,” Modi said.
  8. Highlighting the importance of digital transactions, the PM said, “Five policemen guard an ATM. At times, there are problems in providing security to someone’s life but there is security for ATMs.” “There was an era when the thumb was a sign of being illiterate. Now, the thumb (used for Aadhaar-based transactions) has become your strength,” Modi said.
  9. Awards of Rs 250 crore have been given boost to the less-cash transactions, he said. “Those who have got this award should now become ambassadors of a less-cash campaign,” he said.
  10. Any citizen without access to smartphones, internet, debit or credit cards will be able to transact digitally through the BHIM Aadhaar platform. Meanwhile, dwelling on the importance India attaches to renewable energy, Modi said, “One of the sectors towards which we are devoting significant effort is the renewable energy sector, which is vital in the 21st century.”
  11. Modi, who also laid the foundation stone for IIM, IIIT & AIIMS at Nagpur, said “the benefits of the projects inaugurated today will help our youngsters.” He also felicitated the winners of the mega draw of incentive schemes to promote digital payments — the Lucky Grahak Yojana and DigiDhan Vyapaar Yojana.

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