Adultery, murder? Link between them is conjectural–Editorial Times of India

Madras high court has said that extramarital relationships have become a dangerous social evil. In its opinion heinous crimes like murders and kidnappings are increasing day by day because of clandestine relationships. The court wants to know why such relationships are increasing. It has asked the central and state governments to find out who is the primary culprit. Is it mega TV serials or the economic independence of both spouses or the internet?

Historical data on the affair is sorely sketchy. There are no proper records of how many Indians were hanging out with paramours a century or two or three ago. Come to think of it, even the current census is not chronicling this relationship. So exactly how much more popular it is today compared to yesterday cannot be known for fact. But it’s true that economic independence of women, internet, TV serials featuring adultery, are among a host of ways in which society has changed. Now women can also put their own desires above familial duties. They have more opportunities to meet the opposite sex after marriage. Anyway it’s the business of adults with adults and in the erotic realm stolen pleasures can be the most enticing.

But the higher instrumentality of adultery in heinous crimes is super conjectural. Adultery has been decriminalised. Stop scapegoating the modernity you are uncomfortable with. Stop scapegoating TV and movies too. Murders have certainly gone down relative to, say, a century ago. Prime time doesn’t have to mean crime time.

This piece appeared as an editorial opinion in the print edition of The Times of India.

via Adultery, murder? Link between them is conjectural

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