Allow employees to work at their own pace, says this founder – The Economic Times

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Korra founder Shyam Sukhramani swears by collaboration apps like Slack and Basecamp to keep tabs on his team without micromanaging them.


Be it the call to pay more attention to our health or the realisation that a physical office may not be related to productivity, the pandemic has been an eye-opener for most of us.

For Korra founder Shyam Sukhramani, it taught him to focus on the present. “It has helped me pay more attention to every decision I make; to ask myself – Is this moving me forward? How does my decision impact other people and my community? How can I be kinder and more aware every single day?” he told ET Panache.

With a primary workplace in Mumbai and a residence in Bengaluru, working from home also taught Sukhramani how to accommodate team members and how to make peace with the fact that everyone had a different working style. Some of the insights he gleaned from months of work from home:

One work-from-home hack you swear by
Take short breaks to move and change your work spot. I like to sit on my balcony so I’m always taking advantage of Bangalore’s beautiful weather and greenery (while working).

One insight you gained from work from home
Different people have different communication styles. Be patient and allow people their own pace. And when in doubt, put the camera on.

Three apps that helped you work from home productively
Email, Slack and Basecamp. It really helps to see what we’re all doing without constantly checking on people and asking for updates.

One thing you’re looking forward to, post the pandemic
I love engaging citizens in the store to see their faces light up when we’re discussing different types of denim. Nothing can replace seeing a mask-less smile!

If you had to go through a lockdown again
I would make sure our community is cared for – our employees, our vendors, our partners. It would be amazing if people felt secure, safe and optimistic even though they were locked down.

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