माहितीचे मोल आणि मूल्य –महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

Clipped from: https://maharashtratimes.com/editorial/australia-vs-facebook-and-google/articleshow/81101027.cms समाज माध्यमांचा उदय झाल्यापासून त्यांच्यातून माहितीचे धबधबे कोसळत आहेत. या माहितीची विश्वासार्हता, तिची उगमस्थळे आणि सत्यासत्यता पडताळण्याचा कोणताही मार्ग उपलब्ध नव्हता आणि आजही

Amazon India inks MoU with the Directorate General Resettlement for hiring ex-service personnel – The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/amazon-india-inks-mou-with-the-directorate-general-resettlement-for-hiring-ex-service-personnel/articleshow/81107710.cms?utm_source=ETTopNews&utm_medium=HPTN&utm_campaign=AL1&utm_content=23Synopsis Veterans will have access to various work opportunities including a mix of individual contribution and managerial roles across its Fulfilment Centres, Sort Centres,

Marc Llistosella: Knowing Tata Motors’ new chief: a taskmaster with a heart of a tiger and a mind for numbers, ratios – The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/prime/transportation/knowing-tata-motors-new-chief-a-taskmaster-with-a-heart-of-a-tiger-and-a-mind-for-numbers-ratios/primearticleshow/81093915.cms Synopsis–As it looks to focus on the commercial-vehicle business, picking up someone like Marc Llistosella, former head of Daimler Trucks Asia, as CEO

Jet Airways’ revival plan is facing heavy headwinds. But the real turbulence will start once airborne. – The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/prime/transportation/jet-airways-revival-plan-is-facing-heavy-headwinds-but-the-real-turbulence-will-start-once-airborne-/primearticleshow/81096731.cms SynopsisDespite all the hurdles it faces, an airline with a cleaned-up balance sheet will be more attractive to foreign investors in the short-term

Lupin seems to be turning the corner. Managing the US product pipeline will be the key. – The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/prime/pharma-and-healthcare/lupins-revival-seems-round-the-corner-managing-the-us-product-pipeline-will-be-the-key-/primearticleshow/81096859.cms Synopsis–The US market has been getting tougher over the years, but the company has taken several steps, including rationalising costs and developing complex

WhatsApp to move ahead with controversial “take it or leave it” privacy policy update despite India’s strong stand against it – The Financial Express

Clipped from: https://www.financialexpress.com/industry/technology/whatsapp-to-move-ahead-with-controversial-take-it-or-leave-it-privacy-policy-update-despite-indias-strong-stand-against-it/2197881/ The privacy policy update will go into effect on May 15. The privacy policy update will go into effect on May 15. (Photo

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