Adults between 20-49 years significantly responsible for rising Covid cases: study – The Hindu BusinessLine

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Mask-clad passengers in a hurry to get into a bus Delhi, the only affordable, public transport choice offered by government. Still, several buses can be seen running with limited capacity, as people take to other modes of transport in the backdrop of Covid-19 in New Delhi- Photo:Kamal Narang   –  BusinessLine

A new study cautioned that adults between 20 to 49 years have been the only ones significantly responsible for the rising COVID cases, Times of India reported.

For the study, the researchers used phone data from over 10 million individuals of the United States. 65 out of 100 infections originated from this age group. While children, as well as teenagers, have accounted for the minimal spread of the virus.

The elderly are more vulnerable to the contagious virus, but they are less likely to spread it to others.

The findings further noted that children aged nine and younger than 9 contributed to less than 5 per cent of infection, while those aged 10 to 19 were responsible for less than 10 per cent.

Responding to the findings, the researchers concluded that extra prevention measures are needed among adults.

Those belonging to the 20 to 49 age bracket need to be extra careful and follow the norms diligently. The study stated that they must maintain social distancing, wear masks, and follow hygiene etiquette to protect themselves and others from the contagious virus.

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