‘Staying at home not a solution, won’t save economy,’ says JSW Chairman Sajjan Jindal–Business today

Clipped from: https://www.businesstoday.in

Coronavirus impact: Sajjan Jindal said that India as a country needs to get back to its full capacity at the soonest to be the successful economy that it aims to be

Coronavirus crisis: Sajjan Jindal bats for full reopening of economy

Chairman of JSW Group Sajjan Jindal has batted for the complete opening of the economy. In a statement the industrialist said that like other countries, India should open up the economy fully. He added that reopening all activities is the only way to save the economy and not by staying indoors.

“Global economies are opening up and we should too. We as a country need to get back to our full capacity at the soonest to be the successful economy that we aim to be. The slower we are to restart, the more we lose against countries out of lockdown. We can’t lose any more time,” he said.

Jindal stated that Europe opened up and people in countries like Spain, France, Amsterdam and Germany have accepted the ‘new normal’ to start living again. “Restaurants, Shopping complexes, public transport have all sprung back into action. That’s how you save the economy! Not by staying indoors!” he added.

He underscored that the economic fallout of the global lockdowns have been brutal and added that the battle to save livelihoods is as important. “We will have to live with the virus for some time and while staying indoors is a need for some – it’s not a solution for all! Staying at home till a cure is found will make the loss of livelihoods as severe as the loss of lives!” he pointed out.

“The COVID-19 crisis brought the world to a stop! We paused to save lives but now we need to start again to save livelihoods,” said the JSW Group Chairman.

Jindal’s statement comes as India reopens restaurants, malls and religious places in a staggered manner. Restaurants, malls and shrines have been asked by the Centre to adhere to strict norms and to follow a set of guidelines. Hand washing stations, temperature screening, mandatory wearing of masks, physical distancing, using Aarogya Setu app are only some of the many rules mandated by the Centre. The government has also given states full authority to roll out their own set of guidelines.   

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