IBC implementation to have positive impact on bond market: SEBI chief – MARKETS – The Hindu BusinessLine

Regulator may take more action on Karvy to address investor concerns

The successful implementation of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) is expected to aid in the development of a robust corporate debt market over the next three to five years, SEBI Chairman Ajay Tyagi said on Monday.

The fact that IBC gives higher priority to both unsecured and secured debt over government taxes in the waterfall mechanism should lend comfort and interest to the bondholders, Tyagi told reporters on the sidelines of a conference on insolvency, organised by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India.

“In normal times when bond markets are doing well, there is empirical evidence to show in BRICS countries that when bankruptcy law is successful, then the bond markets will improve,” he said when asked to identify the source of the optimism about the positive impact on bond markets from IBC implementation.

At the same time, Tyagi made it clear that successful IBC implementation alone cannot be the reason for development of the bond market.

“The bond market (in India) not doing well could be for 10 other reasons. There are so many things happening like DHFL and IL&FS, and people are having trust issues and credit rating issues,” he said.

Asked if investor confidence has been shaken post the Karvy episode, Tyagi said that SEBI had been swift in taking remedial regulatory actions. “Karvy was in our domain and we acted very promptly. We are trying to work on the rating agencies and bond market development,” he said. He also indicated that SEBI may take more action on Karvy.

The SEBI chief said that investor trust has been affected to some extent, but quickly added that it does not mean everything is wrong (in the securities market).

Tyagi also said that he was quite hopeful of the new FRDI Bill — likely to be introduced in the Budget session of Parliament — providing a comprehensive insolvency framework for resolution of financial service providers. Even in that Bill, initiation of insolvency proceedings on financial service providers will have to be done by the regulator concerned, Tyagi told BusinessLine .

via IBC implementation to have positive impact on bond market: SEBI chief – MARKETS – The Hindu BusinessLine

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