Olaf Scholz: How is Germany trying to ease immigration process for Indian techies? | Business Standard News

Clipped from: https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/how-is-germany-trying-to-ease-immigration-process-for-indian-techies-123022700871_1.html?code=NTM4OTU9MTIzMDIyNzAwODcx

Among other things, Germany may also soon allow employers to hire foreigners for short periods regardless of the special qualification requirements

Photo: Bloomberg

As Germany faces labour shortages, it is looking for ways to ease the path to obtaining work visas for Indian IT experts in the country. In a recent visit to Bengaluru, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that their government wants to “simplify” the process to issue such visas.

“We need this in all areas of employment, but of course especially when it comes to skills such as those we have seen today in the area of software and IT development,” he said.

Scholz added that he “was determined” to reduce the bureaucratic hurdles to immigration for skilled workers.

According to data from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as reported by the Economic Times (ET), there are around two million unfilled posts in the country. Also, its language barrier makes its neighbours like Britain, Spain and France likelier choices for immigrants to work.

What changes is Germany expecting to make?

Making EU Blue Card more easily available:

The blue card is a work permit allowing highly skilled non-EU citizens to work and live in 25 of the 27 EU countries excluding Denmark and Ireland. Germany is reportedly trying to ease the process of obtaining this card in their country, especially for tech specialists.

No need for a formal recognition of degrees:

In Germany, job seekers must compare their existing qualifications with the closest German degree. If the degree doesn’t measure up, an additional study is required.

However, Germany is now willing to let immigrants in and out of their field of expertise without this formality.

Short-term employment:

Germany may also soon allow employers to hire foreigners for short periods regardless of the special qualification requirements. However, the number of workers, in this case, will be capped.

Opportunity cards:

A new points-based “opportunity card” may also be launched soon with details like qualifications, language skills, age etc. The points, however, will be awarded based on the ability to learn German.

Get professional qualifications after arriving:

Lastly, the German government also wants to make it possible for immigrants to get a professional qualification for a job after they arrive in the country. It is expected to help employers hire foreign specialists quickly.

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