Sebi’s clean-up act | The Financial Express

Clipped from: The market regulator’s focus on reducing malpractices and boosting ease of doing business continues SEBI logo (File) The Securities and Exchange Board of

sebi board meet: SEBI takes 16 major decisions in board meet: Key takeaways for Dalal Street – The Economic Times

Clipped from: Synopsis Regulator is introducing a quantitative threshold for determining ‘materiality’ of events or information In its board meeting today, the Securities and Exchange

UPI charges: Which UPI payments will attract interchange fee? Will you have to bear the cost? – The Economic Times

lipped from: Synopsis UPI transaction charges: NPCI has advised that UPI transactions made via prepaid instruments, such as wallets and cards will attract an interchange

Do Not Search These 5 Things on Google; गुगलवर चुकूनही सर्च करू नका या ५ गोष्टी, १० लाखाच्या दंडासोबत जेलची हवा खावी लागेल | Maharashtra Times

Clipped from: Do Not Search These on Google: टाइमपास म्हणून तुम्ही जर गुगलवर काहीही सर्च करायच्या भानगडीत पडलात तर तुमची काही खैर नाही. कारण, काही

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