Wheat sowing up 1.4% as acreage in most States increases – The Hindu BusinessLine

Clipped from: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/agri-business/wheat-sowing-up-14-as-acreage-in-most-states-increases/article66374544.ece

337.18 lakh hectares brought under the cereal; area under all rabi crops, barring chana, rises

The total area under all rabi crops increased by 3.5 per cent at 682.02 lakh hectares (lh) while the sowing of wheat increased by 1.40 per cent from last year to 332.52 lh, the Ministry of Agriculture’s weekly update said.

The ongoing rabi season of the 2022-23 crop year (July-June) will determine many policy decisions as the Centre has been keeping a close watch on wheat production. While the lifting of the export ban has a direct linkage to the cereal’s production, there are curbs on rice exports with shipments of fully broken rice being banned and non-basmati white rice attracting 20 per cent export duty. In addition, the Centre will decide the restoration of entitlements of beneficiaries under the food security law as per their choice of food.

Wheat acreage has increased in Uttar Pradesh (by 2.92 lh), Rajasthan (2.52 lh), Maharashtra (1.01 lh), Bihar (0.81 lh), Chhattisgarh (0.65 lh), Gujarat (0.54 lh), West Bengal (0.09 lh), Jammu & Kashmir (0.07 lh) and Assam (0.03 lh). But there has been a drop in area in Madhya Pradesh (3.05 lh), Jharkhand (0.31 lh), Punjab (0.20 lh) and Haryana (0.19 lh).

Progress in paddy

Winter-sown paddy has been transplanted on 6.60 lh more area at 26.22 lh until Friday, which is 33.6 per cent higher from the year-ago period. This is likely to partially offset some losses seen in the kharif season after drought-affected yield in eastern parts of the country.

Pulses acreage has increased marginally to 161.09 lh against 159.44 lh in the year-ago period. The acreage of major winter-grown pulse chana (gram) is marginally down at 109.56 lh but masur (lentil) is up 6 per cent at 18.38 lh.

In the case of oilseeds, the acreage has increased to 107.52 lh as of January 13 against 99.65 lh in the year-ago period. Mustard and taramira area remains higher at 96.85 lh, up by 8 per cent.

The area under nutri-cum-coarse cereals has increased to 50.02 lh against 47.71 lh in the year-ago period. The acreage of maize is up by 21.1 per cent at 19.95 lh from 16.47 lh. The coverage of barley, which is mainly used by the distilleries for beer manufacturing, has jumped 9.7 per cent to 7.4 lh from 6.74 lh.

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