MSME federation FISME cautions businesses against alleged unethical practices by Axis Bank | The Financial Express

Clipped from: Credit and Finance for MSMEs: According to FISME, Axis Bank may levy fake claims in the name of ‘non-compliance charges’ against its MSME

Key GST related issues MSMEs must convey to govt for resolution | The Financial Express

Clipped from: Ease of Doing Business for MSMEs: Since GST is a destination-based tax, it is suggested to consider postponement of the taxation on stock

zeptos: I was laughed out of investor meetings, they said 10-min delivery won’t work: Zepto’s Aadit Palicha – The Economic Times

Clipped from: Synopsis“We sensed that the market was tanking. I was very clear that 60 days later it was not going to be available,” says

Russia Sanctions Impact: How sanctions are hurting the West more than Russia, and why it is good news for India – The Economic Times

Clipped from: SynopsisRussia is frequently halting gas supplies to the EU through Nord Stream 1. As EU reels from skyrocketing energy prices, Russia’s gas revenues

Accenture | TCS: Accenture is mining USD14 billion in interactive gold. Now TCS, Infosys, et al. are digging, too.

Clipped from: SynopsisAdvertising and IT are entirely different businesses. In 2009, Accenture decided to bring them together, buying a slew of creative agencies. Other Indian

fed: The Fed in Wonderland: Quantitative easing, tightening are much like Alice’s Eat Me, Drink Me game – The Economic Times

Clipped from: SynopsisAfter keeping interest rates low for years, the US Federal Reserve has taken to quantitative tightening. From September 1, the Fed started to

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