When you get a link to open in a message or mail, you (A)Click on it immediately (B)Check the URL of the link (C)Prefer to type the link on a Browser Yourself – Are you digitally secure? 10 questions to ask yourself | The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/wealth/save/are-you-digitally-secure-10-questions-to-ask-yourself/when-you-get-a-link-to-open-in-a-message-or-mail-you-aclick-on-it-immediately-bcheck-the-url-of-the-link-cprefer-to-type-the-link-on-a-browser-yourself/slideshow/94089793.cms


Online banking — A necessary evil

While the Internet has opened a plethora of opportunities, it has also brought a multitude of problems, the biggest being the rising cyber crimes. Social media, online shopping sites, and unknown calls can sometimes be blackholes that scamsters use to suck you in. According to data released by the National Crime Records Bureau last year, 50,035 cases were registered in 2020 under cybercrime, a rise of 11.8% over 2019 (44,735 cases). Compare this to just 3,377 cases in 2012, the past decade has seen an almost 15-fold increase. The only way to protect ourselves is by being cautious of every move we make in the digital world. So, here’s a quiz you should take to find out how vulnerable you are to being conned, and the best option to choose to avoid being swindled.

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