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An NRI with a valid Indian passport, whether minor or adult, can apply for Aadhaar at any Aadhaar Kendra. The registration process for NRIs for an Aadhaar card is very similar to that for residents.

Aadhaar is a verifiable 12-digit identification number issued by UIDAI to the resident of India. Also, an NRI including whether minor or adult with a valid Indian Passport can apply for Aadhaar from any Aadhaar Kendra.

According to UIDAI circular dated September 2019: “Consequent upon the publication of notification No. 3119 dated 20ft Sept,2019, Non Resident Indian (NRI), after his arrival in India, shall be entitled to obtain Aadhaar number. Accordingly, following procedure shall be followed for Aadhaar enrolment of NRI’s:
1. Valid Indian passport shall be accepted as Proof of Identity (PoI), Proof of Address (PoA)& date of birth (DoB) document.
2. Incase NRI’s passport does not have Indian address, he shall be allowed to submit any of the other UIDAI approved poA documents as proof of Address.
3. Revised enrolment form with modified declaration for NRI is attached as Annexure.
4. Verifiers at Aadhaar centers shall ensure that above procedures are complied with, for enrolment of NRI. This issues with the approval of CEO, UIDAI.”

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Finance Minister, recommended that Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) with Indian passports be given their Aadhaar cards immediately upon arrival, rather than having to wait the 182 days waiting period.

NRI can also enrol for children aadhaar using valid Indian passport. The process for NRIs to register for an Aadhaar card is very similar to that for residents. A non-resident Indian (NRI) can schedule an appointment in one of two ways: online or offline.

How NRI can get an Aadhaar number
Step 1: Visit any Aadhaar Kendra or fix an appointment online
Check details
Step 2: Carry valid Indian Passport with you along with other documents
Step 3: Fill details in the enrolment form and giving Email ID is mandatory for NRI
Step : The declaration for NRI enrolment is slightly different. Read and sign the same in your enrolment form
Step 6: Ask the operator to enroll you as NRI
Step 7: Give your Passport as Proof of Identity
Step 8: You may choose to use your Passport itself as Proof of Address and Date of Birth proof or give some other valid document/s for this (As per https://uidai.gov.in/images/commdoc/valid_documents_list.pdf)
Step 8: Complete the biometric capture process
Step 9: Check all details on screen before you allow the operator to submit
Step 10: Collect the acknowledgement slip/enrolment slip that has your 14 digit Enrolment ID and Date & Time Stamp.

You can check status of your Aadhaar from: https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar

In case where address is different from Indian passport. They may use any other Indian address as long as you provide a valid supporting Proof of Address (PoA) from the UIDAI’s list of accepted papers.

UIDAI has compiled a list of frequently asked questions.
1. Can my passport be used for Aadhaar update of my spouse?
If your passport has the name of your spouse, then it can be used as Proof of Address for them.

2. Can I give an International mobile number in my Aadhaar details?
Currently, we do not support international/ non-Indian mobile numbers.

3. The address in my passport is not updated. I want to give my present address for my Aadhaar application. Is that possible?
Yes. A valid Indian Passport is mandatory as a Proof of Identity (PoI) for NRI applicants. You may choose to give any other Indian Address with a valid supporting Proof of Address (PoA) as per the list of documents acceptable by UIDAI.

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