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The latest development states that WhatsApp is planning to bring a new time limit to delete already sent or older messages for its users.

WhatsApp has also said that it is making all efforts to make the platform safe and secure for its users

WhatsApp update: Popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp is one app that not only brings new features for its users but also keeps making necessary tweaks every now and then to enhance the experience of billions of its users. The latest development states that the constantly evolving Meta owned WhatsApp is planning to bring a new time limit to delete already sent or older messages for its users. Earlier, the time set for deleting older messages was set at 1 hour, 8 minute, 16 seconds but now it will now be changed into this: 7 days, 8 minutes.

The update is currently at the developing stage like other features. Users should also note that plans may change before the official release of the new update, reported WABetaInfo. “The feature is still under development, so their plans about this option may change again and again before the official release or a new announcement from their social accounts.”

“It will be possible to delete messages for everyone older than 1 hour, 8 minutes, 16 seconds at a later date. In particular, we can confirm that WhatsApp is now planning to change the time limit to 7 days and 8 minutes in a future update,” WABetaInfo added.

Keeping privacy and security in mind, the instant messaging giant has also said that it is making all efforts to make the platform safe and secure for its users. It has recently added more features, such as flash call and message level reporting on its platform for the user’s safety.

The message level reporting feature can be used to report accounts by flagging specific messages if needed. Another feature is the flash call option mandated on the registration process on WhatsApp. With this feature, users can verify their phone number via automated calls instead of SMS service while they set up WhatsApp on a new device or re-installing it. The feature is particularly useful for those who change their devices too often.

New features for beta testers

WhatsApp has recently added new features to its app. The features may not be visible immediately to all the beta testers of Android and iOS. The platform has introduced new features to its app, such as, a new custom privacy option, and option to pause and resume voice message recordings. Check details.

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Unknown Business Accounts

As the name suggests, this feature will help users know when an Unknown business account tries to contact a user on a messaging app. So, next time you get a message from an unknown business account, WhatsApp will display an alert message at the bottom of the chat. With this, you can either add the business number in your device or block it. The feature is currently available for Android beta testers, WABetaInfo reported.

Now pause and resume voice recordings on WhatsApp

Users can now also pause and resume voice messages recordings while recording audio on WhatsApp. The feature is a welcome move as there are many instances when it is not possible to record the entire audio in one go. So, users can record the audio as per their convenience using this feature. It is currently visible to those who are using the beta version of iOS.

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HD Photos, best quality photos on WhatsApp

Here comes another most-awaited feature! Users will now be able to share quality photos with their friends and family on WhatsApp. The platform is currently working on this feature and is available for Android beta testers. With this feature, the messaging app will give three different options before sharing pictures–Best quality, Data Saver mode, and an Auto mode. Exchanging pictures on WhatsApp is a daily affair for many. It is indeed a welcome move as sharing/ exchanging files on WhatsApp compresses them heavily, thereby hindering the quality. The “Best Quality” option will let users send high-quality pictures, reported WaBetaInfo. Users must however note that images will still be compressed. The compression will be lower, but it will not be gone completely.mail logo

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