Financial mistakes: Money mistakes: 4 parental behaviours that can impact child’s decision-making ability as an adult – The Economic Times

Clipped from: We have identified four main parental behaviours that can lead to financial aberrations among kids. Find out if you are guilty on any

harsh mariwala: Handing over reins of Marico to a professional was a psychological sacrifice: Harsh Mariwala – The Economic Times

lipped from: “Marico has transitioned successfully from a family managed business to a strategic investor-driven one,” he said. Mariwala spoke to ET as part of

जोडोनिया ‘कर’ ; प्राप्तिकर नोटिसांची दखल, जाणून घ्या नोटिसांचे प्रकार अन् उद्देश – Maharashtra Times

lipped from: प्राप्तिकर विभागाकडून वेळोवेळी करदात्यांना नोटिसा पाठवल्या जातात. प्रत्येकवेळी पाठवण्यात येणाऱ्या नोटिसीमागे काहीएक कारण असते. नेहमीच करदात्याला त्रास देण्याचा उद्देश असतो हा समज चुकीचा

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