Best, worst & most demanded IPOs of the year — so far – Times of India

Clipped from:

The fourth quarter of 2021-22 is still over a month away, but 32 companies have already debuted on the Indian bourses in this financial year, collectively raising over Rs 74,000 crore. The pundits are now predicting that 2021 will close with record fundraising of over Rs 1 lakh crore through initial public offerings (IPOs).

In comparison, only 30 companies had taken the IPO route in the previous fiscal (FY21) mopping up around Rs 31,000 crore. Such aggressive fundraising through initial share sales was last seen in 2017, which explains why the RBI thinks 2021 could well turn out to be India’s ‘Year of the IPO’.
And in this already record-breaking year — total proceeds for the first nine months is the highest in two decades, according to consultancy firm EY — the third week of November is shaping up to be the biggest in 11 years in terms of weekly amounts raised.

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