There are those who are never satisfied–Times of India

By Swami Sukhabodhananda

Whoever we are, there is a great power within each one of us. The body goes through changes from childhood to youth… to adulthood, then to old age, while the mind is ageless. We can keep our minds in total alertness and joy, at all ages!

‘This is easier said than done,’ you may say! Is it really possible? Yes, we need to practise certain things to achieve this. We need to see a lot, listen a lot!

‘Swamiji, what are you saying? Everyone has eyes and ears. Everyone sees and listens! But is everyone full of vigour and joy?’ you may well enquire.

Everyone has pens and pencils. But does everyone become a writer or an artist? Just as pen and pencil are mere tools, so are eyes and ears. If only one knows how to use pen and pencil does one become a writer or an artist. In the same way, if eyes and ears are used effectively, happiness can be attained.

Most of us focus our attention on what is not in front of us. We miss seeing things in front of  us. A rich Italian father was celebrating his only son’s birthday. The highlight of the day’s programme was a football match. The stadium was flooded with people who longed to watch the enthralling match between two famous teams of Italy. The crowd roared with joy as the teams competed with each other, but the birthday boy watched the game without enthusiasm. He looked at his father and said sulkily, ‘Dad! Why are you so stingy!’

The father who had spent millions of dollars for the celebration for his only son’s birthday, was perplexed. He looked at his son surprisingly.

The son explained, ‘In this hot sun, look how these fellows are chasing only one ball. How sad? Could you not be little more generous in providing each one of them a ball so that they could play with them happily!’

At times, we are just like this boy! We fail to notice the joyful, energising aspects of many incidents taking place in front of us. Instead, we brood on meaningless issues and miss all the fun in life.

Recently, a young man visited me at my ashram in Bengaluru. He was complaining for hours, ‘My parents have done great injustice to me. My whole life is miserable due to this.’

This is what had happened: when he was a small boy, his parents did not send him to English medium school due to which he was unable to speak fluent English. According to him, this one aspect made him feel inferior to others.

After conversing with him for about an hour, i learnt certain facts about him. He had joined the same organisation where his father had worked and retired. The present job held by him was made available to him on the basis of ‘job allotment to the heirs of ex-employees.’ Also, his parents had provided him a decent house in an extremely good locality and got him married to a girl of his choice. He had access to many good things in life due to his parent’s benevolence. Yet he cribbed that life was unfair to him.

There are many such persons in this world. Instead of enjoying what they have, they magnify what they do not have and suffer thinking about what is not available. Subscribe to The Speaking Tree newspaper on Sunday. Ask your news vendor.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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