Income Tax Returns | How to File ITR | File Income Tax Returns for FY 2017-18 – The Economic Times–20.06.2018

How to file ITR

Jun 20, 2018, 06.19 AM IST

How to calculate ‘income from house property’ for income tax purposes

5 May, 2017, 04:33PM ISTA person’s gross total income chargeable to tax various heads and one of these heads of income is ‘Income from House Property’.

How to compute your total taxable income

29 Jun, 2016, 03:27PM ISTIn order to file your I-T return you first need to collect the information required to file it. The next step is to compute your total taxable income.

Here’s how to calculate tax payable on your capital gains

18 Jul, 2017, 08:14AM ISTLong-term capital gains and short-term capital gains are taxed at different rates as per I-T laws. Here’s how you can calculate payable tax on your gains.

How to calculate capital gains

15 Jun, 2017, 12:10PM ISTA proper step by step methodology can help an assessee calculate his capital gains instead of hiring the services of a chartered accountant.

E-filing ITR: Govt’s income tax website or private websites?

29 Jun, 2017, 10:34AM ISTThe private websites typically offer only the basic e-filing services at no cost but the more complex operations come at a cost.

How to claim tax benefit on tuition fees under Section 80C

17 Feb, 2017, 02:48PM ISTWhen you pay your kids’ tuition fees, it qualifies for income deduction and also helps in reducing your tax liability.

Why you should not rely solely on your income tax return filer, chartered accountant when filing ITR

4 Aug, 2017, 02:35PM ISTIf you are a last minute person, here are 7 reasons why you should not solely rely on your chartered accountant while filing your income tax returns.

How to link Aadhaar with PAN

1 Aug, 2017, 09:50AM ISTThe government in the last budget has introduced a law making mandatory for every individual having PAN to link with Aadhaar. Here are 3 ways to do it.

How to update or correct Aadhaar details online and offline

23 Jun, 2017, 01:56PM ISTThere are three ways to update or correct your Aadhaar card details: Online using self service portal, by post, or by visiting the nearest enrolment centre.

How to get PAN card details corrected

1 Aug, 2017, 03:12PM ISTIf you are looking to correct your PAN details, it can be done online as well as offline. Here’s your primer on how to go about it.

How to claim income tax refund

23 Jun, 2017, 01:34PM ISTAs per the Income Tax Act, a person is required to file his/her return in the relevant assessment year by July 31 to claim the refund.

How to claim tax exemption on HRA without landlord’s PAN

14 Jul, 2017, 09:10AM ISTAs per the Rule 26C of the Income Tax Act, employee needs to fill and submit Form 12BB to one’s employer, by mentioning the property owner’s PAN.

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