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Users can control feature within the three-dot menu in Chrome.

Googlerecently began to roll out two new features to Chrome on the desktop: memory saver and energy saver. This comes after the tech giant made passkeys available across stable versions of Chrome on desktop and Android devices. 

The memory saver in Chrome, according to reports, will free up the computer’s memory from inactive tabs and support a better browsing experience. The feature will freeze other tabs and show how much memory is saved as a notification in the address bar when turned on. Users can turn it off manually. 

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The energy saver on Chrome will tweak webpages to save the devices’ battery life. A visual indicator in the Chrome menu bar will appear when the feature is turned on. These features have been available in Microsoft Edge for quite a while now.

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Google Docs

According to Google, users will have control over the two features within the three-dot menu in Chrome. The tech giant recently updated its search showcasing a knowledge panel and rolled out code blocks in Google Docs for better formatting. 

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