Meta leadership exodus: WhatsApp Payments head quits – The Hindu BusinessLine*

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Meta has seen a series of changes in executive roles in the recent months.

The leadership exodus continues at Meta India as WhatsApp Pay’s India head Vinay Choletti has resigned within four months of being promoted to the position. Choletti is the fourth senior level executive to leave Meta in a span of a month after former MD Ajit Mohan, former policy lead Rajiv Aggarwaal and, WhatsApp head Abhijit Bose left Meta.

Choletti remarked, “Today (December 13) was my last day at WhatsApp Pay and as I sign off, I can proudly say that watching the scale and the influence of WhatsApp in India has been a humbling experience. The last one year personally has been a great learning journey and the excitement of being in the frontline and launching some global first payments use cases such as “QR tickets for Bangalore Metro on WhatsApp” was unmatched,” said Choletti in a LinkedIn post.

“I am humbled to see the customer adoption of novel use cases using WhatsApp Pay and I will wear these badges proudly for the rest of my life,” Choletti said in his social media post.

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