GST Portal Facilitates Dropping of Proceedings for suspension of GST Registration

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By Rasheela Basheer – On December 7, 2022 2:10 pm

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In a major relief to the taxpayers, the GST portal has introduced a new facility to drop the proceedings for suspension of registration at the GST portal and revoke the suspension of registration.

A recent tweet by the GST Tech (@Infosys_GSTN) stated that Now taxpayers can initiate Drop the GST Registration cancellation proceedings.

This functionality is for Taxpayers who file their pending returns after the receipt of the Show cause notice (SCN) issued by the GST system.

Before this functionality, Taxpayers who file their pending returns, but have not responded to the SCN, their registration remained suspended despite filing their returns.

Now such Taxpayers have been given the facility to initiate Drop Proceedings on their own once the pending returns are filed.

So, if Taxpayers have filed all pending returns, and their registration status is still suspended, then Taxpayers can revoke the suspension with a single click by initiating Drop Proceeding.

The taxpayers can log on to GST portal > Services > User Services > View Notices and Orders > Click on ‘Initiate Drop Proceeding’, to use the facility.

The move would be a significant one which will reduce the litigations before the Courts. Recently, various writ petitions were filed before the High Courts as the taxpayers were aggrieved by the action of GST department suspending the registration and the statutory remedy was unavailable due to the absence of the GST Tribunal till date.

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