AIS Feedback: How to submit Annual Information Statement (AIS) feedback

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The AIS Consolidated Feedback file (ACF) allows taxpayers to obtain all of their AIS feedback, excluding feedback, ‘Information is correct,’ in one pdf for easier understanding.

The Annual Information Statement (AIS) is a detailed statement that lists all of your financial transactions for a given financial year (FY), and it includes the information required by the Income-tax Act of 1961. AIS includes information on interest, dividends, stock trades, mutual fund activities, international remittance details, etc. The taxpayer will be able to obtain AIS data in the formats of PDF, JSON, and CSV.

AIS presents both the reported value and the adjusted value, or value after taking into account taxpayer comments.

What is AIS Consolidated Feedback file

The AIS Consolidated Feedback file (ACF) allows taxpayers to access all of their AIS feedback other than feedback, ‘Information is correct’ relevant information in one pdf for easy understanding.

After submitting the AIS input, you can get the AIS aggregated feedback file (PDF).
According to the AIS handbook released by the income tax department, “The taxpayer will be able to view AIS information and submit following types of response on the information:
• Information is correct
• Information is not fully correct
• Information relates to other PAN/Year
• Information is duplicate / included in other information
• Information is denied
• Customized Feedback”

How to submit feedback on the information?

On each Information detail, the feedback options will be visible. You can only choose one of the available choices for your feedback.
You can submit feedback on active information displayed under TDS/TCS Information, SFT Information or Other information by following below mentioned steps:
Step 1: Click on “Optional” button mentioned in the Feedback column for relevant information.
Step 2: Choose the relevant feedback option and enter the feedback details.
Step 3: Click “Submit” to submit the feedback.

What will happen once I submit the feedback?

When feedback on AIS information is successfully submitted, the feedback will be displayed alongside the information and the updated value of the information will be shown alongside the reported value.
Additionally, the Acknowledgement Receipt tab will be modified, and it will be possible to download it. Also, submission of feedback will be confirmed via email and SMS.

AIS activity tab history

The activity history tab will be updated and you will be able to receive an acknowledgement receipt after successfully submitting your comments on AIS information. There will also be confirmations issued via email and SMS for the submission of feedback.

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