Chile Man Salary: Man was paid 286 times his salary by accident. He resigns and disappears with the money – The Economic Times

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A man in Chile was paid 286 times his salary in May by accident by the company. When the incident came to notice, the employee promised his boss that he would return the amount that was paid to him in excess.

But the man instead resigned and took off with the money. According to media reports, the man worked at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), which happens to be one of the largest producers of cold cuts in Chile.

In May, the company accidentally paid around Rs 1.42 crore ( 165,398,851 Chilean pesos) to the employee instead of Rs 43,000 (500,000 pesos), which is his monthly salary. When the company’s management checked their records, they found the error.

They reached out to the employee after they realised he was paid about 286 times his monthly salary. The man allegedly agreed to visit his bank and get the amount refunded.


However, when the company didn’t receive the amount back from the employee, they tried to reach out to the man and get an update. But there was no communication. Later, the man got in touch with the company saying he would visit the bank soon. But on June 2, the man submitted his resignation.

Now recent reports reveal that the man has disappeared. In order to retrieve their money, the company reached out to the officials and has taken legal action against the employee.

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