Healthtech company‘Even’ launches cashless health cover in Bengaluru – The Hindu BusinessLine

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The subscription-based healthcare service offers unlimited doctor consultations and diagnostics to members

Even, a healthtech company that partners directly with top hospitals to provide completely cashless, quality healthcare to its members, has started operations in Bengaluru. The company said that anyone who becomes a member can avail unlimited doctor consultations and diagnostics plus a yearly hospitalisation cover of ₹50 lakh. An Even member would not have to pay anything at the hospital and at the end, it added. Memberships start at ₹1,500 a month.

Subscription model

The subscription-based health cover aims to remove the trappings of the traditional health insurance model that comes with too many terms & conditions in the form of co-pay, deductibles, sub-limits and so forth. Even said that it is not an insurance provider but a subscription-based healthcare service, wants to give its members a straightforward way to get primary care. Its unlimited OPD services (doctor consultations and diagnostics) are a unique proposition and unheard of among existing healthcare providers.

The company said its aim is to rid India of out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and mitigate illnesses early on with appropriate medical interventions with its partner hospitals.

Speaking on the product launch, Mayank Banerjee, Co-founder and CEO, said, “We are happy to bring a kind of health cover in India that solves two critical inconsistencies in traditional healthcare models: lack of complete financial coverage which forces people to pay out of pocket and limited primary care that keeps people from visiting a doctor and keeping a more watchful eye on their health.”

Currently, Even offers two plans – Even Plus (hospitalisation and unlimited primary care) starting at ₹1,500 a month and Even Lite (unlimited primary care) starting at ₹750 a month and is currently accepted at 20 plus hospitals and clinics across Bengaluru.

The company was founded in January 2020 by Mayank Banerjee, Matilde Giglio and Alessandro Davide Lalongo.

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