‘Not the end of your world.’ Ankur Warikoo shares his ‘failure CV’, reveals he didn’t clear JEE twice – The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/panache/not-the-end-of-your-world-ankur-warikoo-shares-his-failure-cv-reveals-he-didnt-clear-jee-twice/articleshow/88261146.cmsSynopsis

Nearbuy boss also shares how his parents felt when he dropped out of PhD at the age of 24 and returned to India.

When it comes to making it big in a respective field, we often hear how important it is to make it to the top colleges in the country offering the best of the best education and learning experience, along with the placements in top-notch companies.

And this picture of a vivid dream has been sold to millions since an early age, so of course the competition to bag that seat in the limited list is cut throat with high chances of failure. But if we have paid attention to any success stories of icons who actually made it big, one lesson is clear: Failure isn’t the end of the world. Surely, not the end of you.

That’s the same lesson Nearbuy boss Ankur Warikoo shared with his fans on Twitter to beat the Monday blues. The businessman shared his own CV, which he termed ‘Failure Résumé’ where he revealed how he made it, and going by his story, it wasn’t an easy smooth ride.

The boss witnessed his own set of rejections and failures, not just once but several times. “I tried JEE twice. Didn’t clear it,” he says, adding that he even tried IIT for MSc (master’s degree in the field of science) but didn’t clear.

Warikoo also recalled the time he dropped out of his PhD and returned to India. He was 24-years-old at that time. Everyone, including his family, was in shock.

“All these times it seemed like the end of my world. It wasn’t,” he added. The Nearbuy boss shared a motivating video on YouTube where he takes a walk down memory lane and recalls every thing he quit on in his ‘Failure Résumé’ which goes on for over 28-minutes.

The point of his story? It’s simple. Just because your relationship or that exam or that job didn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s the end of your world. There’s more.

“That exam, that job, that relationship, that goal, that target. That isn’t the end of your world,” he says.

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