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The special window to revive life policies will be open until October 22

LIC has announced a window of opportunity to revive lapsed life policies which will be open until October 22, 2021 for individual policies. The insurer periodically announces such opportunities for policy holders who have fallen behind. A similar offer was announced in November 2019 too.

Policyholders should utilise such opportunities, especially now, considering the heightened need for a risk cover. Reviving an existing policy with rates and terms of earlier periods can be beneficial and cheaper as well. Compared to reviving an older risk cover, the expected premium for new life covers from most insurance providers are expected to increase significantly in future. The increase in premiums is to compensate for higher claims post the pandemic and higher reinsurance costs for underwriting term, health, and life insurance policies.

Current scheme

In the current window, policies which are in the premium paying term and have not completed their policy term are eligible for revival. Lapsed policies, which are within 5 years from the date of first unpaid premium can be revived along with a concession on the late fee. According to LIC, the concession is not applicable to high risk covers such as term assurance plans and policies which are covering for multiple risks. Health and micro Insurance plans also qualify for the concession on the late fee.

For a total receivable premium of up to ₹1,00,000 (cumulative unpaid premiums), a late fee concession of 20 per cent is applicable up to a maximum concession of ₹2,000. Similarly, for receivable premium sum of ₹1,00,001 to ₹3,00,000, 25 per cent late fee concession up to a maximum of ₹2,500 and for premiums above ₹3,00,001, 30 per cent late fee concession is allowed up to a maximum of ₹3,000. While a concession on the late fee is being allowed during the specified time frame, there will be no concession on medical requirements.

Ordinary revival schemes

Most policies generally have a grace period of 15 days for monthly payments and one month for other payment frequencies such as quarterly, half-yearly and annual. Post non-payment within the grace period, the policy can lapse. The revival of such a policy is a fresh contract, with the insurer having the right to impose fresh terms and conditions. A lapsed policy can be revived by payment of accumulated premiums with interest and a penalty. You have to submit the relevant health documents too.

In an ordinary revival, upon receipt of unpaid premium plus current interest rate (around 8 per cent currently) within 6 months of the first unpaid premium, the policy is revived. A certificate of good health and medical report as per the policy demands may also become necessary. For a revival on medical basis, medical requirements based on policy specifications will be required for continuing the cover.

Even in ordinary circumstances (outside of the policy revival campaign currently underway), revival schemes are available for making a financially easier return to the insurance fold. But if one has missed more than a couple of premiums, the lump sum payment of the same can be become burdensome. LIC’s special revival scheme can be utilised in such situation. If a policy has lapsed for not more than 3 years (from the date of last unpaid premium), the scheme allows you to shift the commencement date, allowing for the payment of just one unpaid premium, calculated on the basis of age and applicable health conditions. Such an option is allowed only once in the entire policy term and the policy should not have acquired surrender value (reached after paying three full year premiums to LIC). Instalment revival, survival benefit cum revival scheme and loan cum revival scheme are other financially modified options available, if an ordinary revival or special revival are not appropriate for the customer.

In ordinary circumstances, insurance policies can be revived but only within a period of two years from the date of the last unpaid premium. The current offer allows for a five-year window to revive old policies and adds a discount to the late fees being paid as well. Amongst the many lessons taught by the pandemic, the most critical one has been the necessity of an insurance cover and LIC’s current campaign for reviving old policies could not have come at a better time.

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