‘Habitats can prevent crimes’, says Vijayan, IG of Police – The Hindu BusinessLine

Clipped from: https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/national/habitats-can-prevent-crimes-says-vijayan-ig-of-police/article36838994.ece


“Healthy families secure a healthy society: so, ensure houses for all for a healthy society.”

Vijayan said this while delivering the 20th Beyond Square Feet lecture organised by Asset Homes on the World Habitat Day.

“A house is not just a building; it’s a space where one gets love and care. That care and love need a secure roof. Healthy homes and families have a prominent place in preventing crimes,” Vijayan said.

While scoffing at the theory that there are two houses for one family in Kerala, he said that inequality was spreading worldwide. Statistics show that 16 crore out of the world population of 700 crore don’t have a house. “The Kerala Government’s Life Mission project should be lauded in this context. However, everyone should understand that it is not just the responsibility of the government to build houses for the houseless, but society, individuals, and institutions should join the mission,” Vijayan said.

Many builders and architects care for the beauty of the buildings and their profits in square feet, but it’s time they took care of nature while avoiding the excess use of various energy sources, he added.

Referring to Punyam Poonkavanam project in Sabarimala, he said this was launched to secure the environment and sensitise the people about the environment. “In fact, not only houses but the environment and food for all are also closely related to law and order. Police are aware of it and hence playing their role in different ways,” he said.

Asset Homes Managing Director Sunil Kumar V said that houses should be built according to one’s needs and not whims and fancies. The historical correction for sustainable development is the need of the hour by bringing down carbon emissions worldwide.

Asset Homes organises Beyond Square Feet lecture series on the occasion of the World Environment, Water and Habitat Days in a year.

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