‘Revolution is coming’: Ola CEO test rides upcoming electric scooter | Business Standard News

Clipped from: https://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/ola-founder-bhavish-aggarwal-test-drives-electric-scooter-121070200947_1.html

‘Took this beauty for a spin! Goes 0-60 faster than you can read this tweet! Ready or not, a revolution is coming!’ wrote Bhavish Aggarwal on Twitter.

Ola CEO and cofounder Bhavish Aggarwal, on Friday, tweeted a video which showed him test-riding Ola’s upcoming electric scooter.

“Took this beauty for a spin! Goes 0-60 faster than you can read this tweet! Ready or not, a revolution is coming!” wrote Aggarwal on Twitter.

Mobility startup, Ola, which primarily works as a cab aggregator, has under its electric vehicles wing Ola Electric, and has been working on an electric two-wheeler range. The company is also setting up what it claims to be the world’s largest two-wheeler factory in Tamil Nadu.

The factory, called Ola Futurefactory, is expected to finish by early next year. Recently, Aggarwal had shared a photo from the factory’s premises on Twitter, announcing that the factory’s Phase 1 was nearing completion and that the company’s electric scooters would be in the market soon. The company has revealed that the first batch of scooters would be in market sometime this month.

The company claims that the factory would have an annual production capacity of 10 million electric scooters and would handle 15% of the current global two-wheeler capacity.

The company is also building a network of electric two-wheeler charging points across the world, primarily in India and parts of Europe, according to reports. The Ola Hypercharger Network would have over 100,000 charging points in 400 cities. The company claims that its electric scooter would offer a 75 km range or 50% charge with 18 minutes of charging. The total range of the scooter in a single charge would be 150 km.

The scooter is also expected to offer a real time top speed of close to 90 kmph and shall get smartphone connectivity as well.

While the company hasn’t revealed the pricing of the scooter, market experts predict that the electric scooter could be priced around Rs 1 lakh to make it an attractive option in the cluttered two-wheeler market.

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