Ambulance that can be drawn by an autorickshaw – The Hindu

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It has an oxygen cylinder, life-saving drugs and space for two to accompany a patient

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the lack of health infrastructure in rural areas in tackling emergencies as many died unable to reach hospital having beds with oxygen support.

Considering at the paucity of ‘108’ ambulances, with just one vehicle catering to an entire revenue mandal, owner of Munirathnam Travels N. Munirathnam Srinivasulu and his friends have designed an ambulance that can be drawn by an autorickshaw.

The vehicle,what they call ‘Village Ambulances’ is equipped with an oxygen cylinder, life-saving drugs, first-aid kits, and enough space for two persons to accompany a patient. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has donated six oxygen cylinders for these ambulances.

The team utilised the resources at their command and built three cabins akin to the interiors of an ambulance. Sponsored by M.R. Ramesh of Bengaluru-based M.G. Charities, three Village Ambulances have been built at a cost of ₹4 lakh in 15 days. The first one will be stationed at the village secretariat at Kalavapalli in Beluguppa mandal of Anantapur district.

“This village had donated a lorry load of rice for the Kurnool flood victims in 2009 when our friends tried to do some service activities there. As a gratitude, we will station one Village Ambulance there. The vehicle does not have any engine, but it can be drawn by an autorickshaw, tractor or a jeep, one of which is available in every village these days,” said Mr. Srinivasulu.

The group is now ready to ready one such ambulance in the next three days. They will build more as and when they are able to collect donations to meet exigencies.

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