A Windows Laptop or MacBook: Which one is the right click? – The Economic Times

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Synopsis–Take an informed decision on competing brands based specs, pricing & privacy aspects.

Online classes and work-from-home model are not going away any-time soon. In such a scenario, the need for a good laptop has become more acute. Should you buy a Windows laptop or a MacBook? It is a debate with sound arguments in favour and against.

If you are facing the Mac versus Windows dilemma but nevertheless want to buy a premium laptop, here’s what you should consider.

If you have an iPhone or are entrenched deep in the Apple ecosystem, the MacBook is a no-brainer.

A MacBook syncs seamlessly with other Apple devices. This means your contacts, notes, calendar can all be accessed easily. The new Handoff feature on macOS also makes it easier to begin a task, like browsing in Safari or writing in Notes, on the iPhone or iPad and finish it on the Mac.

If you are, however, not comfortable in the siloed world of Apple, a good Windows laptop will be a perfect fit. The Dell XPS 13/15, Asus Zenbook series, HP Spectre and Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 carbon are good and efficient laptops, with an added cool quotient and extremely powerful specs.

Do you like Touchscreens, Pen support? If the answer is yes, then a Windows laptop is your ideal choice.

Microsoft Surface and HP Spectre are premium Windows laptops that offer touch support. You will neither find a touchscreen on MacBooks, nor stylus support. Since many users prefer ‘hybrid’ devices, Windows laptops make more sense.

If you are looking for ports, then a premium Windows laptop may be a better bet. MacBooks offer only Type-C ports, which means you will always need a USB dongle for ports. The Dell XPS 13 also has only Type-C ports, but you do get an SD card reader. The HP Spectre X360 offers a USB port as well as Type-C ports. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 also scores well on ports.

If you can make do with just Type-C ports, then MacBooks will work fine.

A Windows Laptop or MacBook: Which one is the right click?

Apple and macOS offer more privacy and security in terms of software. You don’t need to download or buy any additional software, as Apple does a thorough job on both these fronts. Safari, the internet browser from Apple, is also more secure than Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The latest MacBook Air and Pro are powered by Apple’s own M1 processor. The MacBook Air starts at Rs 92,900 while the MacBook Pro has a starting price of `1.17 lakh. A premium Windows laptop like HP Spectre X360 starts at Rs 1.29 lakh, whereas the Dell XPS 13 (2020 model) retails at Rs 1.44 lakh but can be purchased for lower on e-commerce platforms.

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