A decade later, man searches for two Irish men who helped him escape from Australia in a crate – The Economic Times

Clipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/magazines/panache/a-decade-later-man-searches-for-two-irish-men-who-helped-him-escape-australia-in-a-crate/articleshow/82007608.cmsSynopsis

They helped him into a wooden crate the size of a small fridge.

Wait, what are we talking about here?
A rather adventurous endeavour in which a broke 19-year-old thought he could mail himself back to London from Melbourne — nailed in a crate.

A pun, I see! But why did he do something like that?
Like I mentioned, the young man, Brian Robson, was broke. This was back in 1965 in Australia and homesick Brian couldn’t afford the airfare.

He survived, right? This ends well?
Oh yes, yes. He’s now 76. He convinced two Irishmen, his colleagues in the Victorian Railways and good friends in school, to help him escape in a crate.

Did they agree?
One of them was very reluctant. But they finally agreed — on the condition that he would not reveal their role if he was caught. So, they helped him into a wooden crate the size of a small fridge in which he kept pillows, a torch, his suitcase and two bottles, one for water, one to pee in.

A practical chap. Then?
He was meant to fly directly to London, but instead his crate was diverted to a slower route via Los Angeles. On landing in Sydney, he was left in the box standing on his head for 22 hours. He spent about 96 hours in that crate.

Poor chap. What happened when he reached LA?
For one, when the box was opened, the accents he heard were American, not English. He was admitted in hospital because his body had become stiff and finally flown to Britain, this time in a proper seat.

Oh excellent! But, um, why are we talking about this now?
Brian has written a book, The Crate Escape, and he hopes that he will finally meet his two old Irish friends who helped him.

Good luck to him. What does he plan to do, if he finds them?
In true Irish tradition, buy them a drink.

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