Industries in Pune recovering from lockdown losses – The Hindu BusinessLine

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The survey conducted by the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA), Pune found that 48 per cent of the surveyed companies said that their production has reached pre-Covid levels.

This is the twelfth survey conducted by MCCIA during the Covid times. Over 100 organisations participated in this survey from Pune District.

On average, the surveyed companies said that their current level of production has decreased to 83 per cent in March from 85 per cent in February. The surveyed companies said that the number of employees working has stayed at 86 per cent in March.

Nearly, 67 per cent of the organisations surveyed were from the manufacturing sector, 14 per cent from the services sector and the rest were involved in both manufacturing and services.

Sudhir Mehta, President, MCCIA said – “Increased levels of vaccination would boost confidence and along with manufacturing even contact based services would start contributing more to the national economic recovery. Through Pune Platform for Covid Response (PPCR) promoted by MCCIA, we are taking all possible steps to promote covid appropriate behaviour as well as gathering momentum for 1 lakh vaccines per day.”

Prashant Girbane, Director General, MCCIA said “From April 2020 till February 2021, the survey indicated month on month recovery but for this first time, there is a small dent in this recovery in the month of March. Once again, the smaller the size of the firm, slower has been the recovery indicating the need for the government to pay even more attention to the micro and small size firms.”

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