Say ‘Na, No, Never’ to suspicious calls and safeguard yourself from scams – Times of India

lipped from: an increase in sophisticated cybercrimes targeting an individual or company’s hard-earned money, the need for ensuring adequate awareness has also gradually increased. An article on National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) was published last year highlighting fraud made up over half of the cyber-crime cases in the country.

For this reason, Saraswat Bank, India’s largest urban cooperative bank, has released a video in public interest called ‘Jo Satark Wohi Surakshit‘ to emphasize how one must stay vigilant of cyberattacks. From opening instant bank accounts to providing on-the-go banking services, this urban co-operative bank has been catering to the needs of their current customers as well as millennials by tailoring a banking experience like never before.

Saraswat Bank was recently recognized as the second-best bank in India in the World’s Best Banks 2020 Survey conducted by Forbes. It also received the Best Technology Bank Award at the IBA Technology Awards 2021 for the 5th consecutive year along with the Best IT Risk & Cyber Security Initiatives Award and runner-up for Best Digital Financial Inclusion Initiatives Award in the cooperative banking sector. The Bank has been ensuring utmost security of information by following the mantra ‘Jo Satark, Wohi Surakshit’:
Now, given how cyber fraudsters are on the prowl looking for the unsuspecting common folk, it’s important to know how an attack over a call is committed- an individual receives a phone call that appears to be from their bank. The caller usually pretends to be a bank representative or someone from the bank’s technical or operational team. In most cases, the caller will sound professional and provide a convincing reason for calling. After giving a false sense of security, the caller will then use bait to compel the target to share their personal and confidential data such as One-Time-Password (OTP), Credit/Debit card number, CVV number, the Expiry date of the card, Internet Banking login ID and Passwords, ATM pin etc. This type of attack is called Vishing or Voice Phishing. With such sensitive information at hand, the caller can sophisticatedly carry out illegal financial transactions in the call receiver’s (now a victim’s) name in a fraction of a second!

Always remember that any sensitive data or information like password, PIN, card expiry date, etc., are strictly confidential and no bank or its officer holds the authority to ask for such details. You should, therefore, never divulge such information even if asked for. Immediately change your password if you have accidentally revealed one.

The tagline of Saraswat Bank’s video ‘Na, No, Never’ aptly depicts a rule every banking customer in India must follow to prevent falling prey to cyberattacks. It is the need of the hour to safeguard yourself at all costs, and these steps will further help you in recognizing if any call being made to you is a trap:

1. Unsolicited calls from people claiming to work for banks, NGOs, charity asking you for personal bank-related information is a warning sign. Banks or any of their representatives never send their customers email/SMS or call them over the phone to request profile/user ID password or one-time password. Any such e-mail/SMS or phone call is an attempt to fraudulently withdraw money from your account. Never respond to such email/SMS or phone calls.

2. Most legitimate businesses will give you time to think their offer over and get written information about it before asking you to commit. Do not get pressurized and decide abruptly, take your time or simply say ‘No’.

3. Calls pitching products or services that sound too good to be true are most likely trap calls. Common scam offers include free product trials, lottery win claims, cash prizes, cheap travel packages, pre-approved loans, loan disbursement, EMI/ debt reduction, and low-risk, high-return investments. Beware of them! If you do not intend to fall prey to such a luring offer, say ‘Na, No, Never’.

So, from this very moment, let us take a pledge to say ‘Na, No, Never’ to such calls. Because in this fight against cyber fraudsters, we want to ‘Stay Satark, Stay Safe’ always!

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