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Apollo Telehealth records a 19-fold jump in teleconsultations since the eruption of Covid-19

As months have gone by, satisfied with the online experience so far, a good number of patients have been making repeat appearances too.

The Covid-19-dictated lockdown and the resultant imposition of social distancing and traveling restrictions have precipitated an enabling environment for a steady uptake of telehealth services in the country. From routine health-related consultations to lifestyle issues to more serious non-communicable diseases, people have sought to access expert healthcare advice through telehealth. And in numbers that are pretty impressive.

Leading telehealth services provider Apollo Telehealth has notched up a whopping 1800% jump in teleconsultations since the outbreak of the pandemic. This impressive jump has not been limited to any particular region or market; from north India to central India to the eastern and western parts of the country, the demand for telehealth services has seen a surge in all corners of the country.

“Right after Covid came, even as we got busy scaling up our operations across different markets and geographies, the number of patients who wanted to consult doctors and practitioners online through our platform kept on climbing ceaselessly through the weeks and months.

From rural India to small towns to big metro cities, the patients came from all corners for virtual consultations through Apollo Telehealth’s multitude of projects. Demographically speaking, they came from all socio-economic classes, income groups, age groups, and gender. Both males and females actively sought online medical advice,” said Vikram Thaploo, CEO, Apollo Telehealth.Vikram Thaploo, CEO, Apollo Telehealth.

“A great number of patients happened to be first-time users of any online platform related to health ever. Many of those who came for consultations in the immediate period coinciding with Covid, consulted on Covid-related health issues as well as other concerns such as respiratory problems, lung complications, mental health, neonatal health, and women-specific health issues.

Many wanted to get a preliminary take on whether they could be a prospective Covid patient through online consultation only, before venturing out to an actual Covid hospital,” he said, adding, “Many wished to get themselves checked for routine lifestyle conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.”

As months have gone by, satisfied with the online experience so far, a good number of patients have been making repeat appearances too.

Teleconsultation registers a 1,800% upsurge since the Covid-19 outbreak
While central India has shown a massive 6942% leap, east India recorded 5983% and north India 3720% rise
Apollo Telehealth has also seen 1149% rise in patient registrations
The number of males opting for teleconsultations shot up 14-fold and females nearly
11-fold during this period

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