Beyond Budget Headlines with AKB: Why bad banks are a bad, bad idea | Business Standard News

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What does FM Sitharaman’s ‘never-before Budget’ assertion mean? Are there more relief measures in store or should we prepare for some shock in Budget 2021? A K Bhattacharya explains what we can expect

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been saying that Budget 2021 will not be like any other before. What might that mean? Coming against the backdrop of a pandemic that has, arguably, wrecked the economy like never before, it could mean she has more big-ticket relief measures up her sleeve. But it could also mean, says Business Standard‘s in-house policy expert A K Bhattacharya, that she is preparing the nation for something unpleasant – something like a one-time Covid tax to raise additional funds to push through more spending and help expedite economic recovery.

Watch this third episode of our special pre-Budget video series, Beyond Budget Headlines with AKB, to also learn which big schemes could get more funding and which the axe, and if setting up multiple bad banks would be a good idea.

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