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Robust Q4 GDP trends suggest rosier 2018-19–Economic Times–02.06.2018

GDP: Investment revival underway but new challenges loom–Times of India–02.06.2018

Turnaround time – Business Line–02.06.2018

Mixed growth signals – The Hindu–02.06.2018

A senior adviser to PM Modi believes RBI needs better rupee policy | Business Standard News–01.06.2018

‘Costly crude, weak rupee can pose an immediate threat to growth’ – Business Line–01.06.2018

Petrol price can be cut Rs 2.65 per litre if states want; but what about Centre? Read what this report says – The Financial Express–29.05.2018

RBI’s efforts may not be enough | Business Standard Column–28.05.2018

Across The Aisle: Who is minding the store? – The Financial Express–27.05.2018

Fuel price hike: Bringing petroleum products under GST won’t impact prices much, says Sushil Modi – The Financial Express–27.05.2018

The 3 Cs the government should be wary of – Business Line–27.05.2018

Centre can’t afford to cut taxes on something as remunerative as fuel – The Hindu–27.05.2018

Crude oil may derail economy–Deccan Chronicle–27.05.2018

Don’t panic about the rupee – The Financial Express–25.05.2018

Any cut in fuel price will be at the cost of welfare schemes, says Nitin Gadkari | The Indian Express–24.05.2018

विक्रमी उत्पादन आणि इंधन भाववाढीच्या कात्रीत शेतकरी | लोकसत्ता –२२.०५.२०१८

Power sector NPAs are not a banking problem–Economic Times–14.05.2018

Public sector banks may seek early recapitalisation on new NPA rule – Business Line–14.05.2018

Rupee’s dancing to more tunes this year – The Hindu–09.05.2018—–*****

[ Exchange Rate ] Take the long view | The Indian Express–09.05.2018

[ Exchange Rate ] Hot-money risks seen rising as India courts ‘bond tourists’ – The Hindu–09.05.2018

Across The Aisle: The one-trick pony in Delhi – The Financial Express–02.05.2018

Modi: Is the Indian economy out of the woods yet? – The Economic Times–02.05.2018

India’s engineering exports hit an all time high of $76 billion – The Economic Times–01.05.2018

Warnings on the external account: CAD could expand to 2013 levels | Business Standard Editorials–25.04.2018

Finance Ministry not for cut in excise duty on petrol, diesel – The Hindu–24.04.2018

china us trade war: India may become surprise victim of trade war, says Rabobank – The Economic Times–19.04.2018—–*****

Industrial rebound calls for credit–Economic Times–16.04.2018

No friction with RBI, different views natural: Economic affairs secretary Subhash Chandra Garg – The Economic Times–16.04.2018

India needs robust exports, investment to achieve 8% growth: ADB – Business Line–16.04.2018

Rupee — what lies ahead – Business Line–16.04.2018

Governor Patel, stay firm on bank norms–Economic Times–14.04.2018

Big cost of loans from small saving schemes–Economic Times–14.04.2018

Why volatility is back to haunt bond markets? – Business Line–14.04.2018

Banks’ joust with RBI on new NPA framework reaches House panel–Deccan Chronicle–12.04.2018

Too much caution hurting growth recovery? – Business Line–12.04.2018

Inflation: India could face high inflation, low growth – Mr. Madhavan Kutty–The Economic Times–11.04.2018—–*****

Why India’s oil economy needs prudent supply management – The Financial Express–11.04.2018—–*****

Think out of the box on fiscal policies, says NITI aayog | Business Standard News–09.04.2018

Why fiscal 2018-19 will be different – Business Line–08.04.2018

What are GVA and GDP in growth calculation? – The Economic Times–07.04.2018

RBI: RBI paints a ‘Goldilocks’ economy as trade war looms – The Economic Times–06.04.2018

इंधनदरवाढीचा चक्रव्यूह | लोकसत्ता –०५.०४.२०१५८

मुद्रांकाची धूळफेक! | लोकसत्ता –०५.०४.२०१८

Pare petroleum taxes —but not just yet–Economic Times–05.04.2018

Bond cover-up – Business Line-05.04.2018

What rising bond yields tell us about the economy – The Hindu–05.04.2018—–*****

Loan waivers will hurt farmers more – Business Line–05.04.2018

Direct tax collections up 17.1%, touch ₹9.95 lakh crore in FY18 – Business Line–03.04.2018

Apparel exporters seek ‘lifeline support’ – Business Line–02.04.2018

Joseph E Stiglitz—Nobel laureate and globally acclaimed economist

India GDP: India needs more reforms to achieve 8-9% growth: Nobel laureate Nouriel Roubini – The Economic Times–30.03.2018

Fiscal Deficit | Modi Government: April-February fiscal deficit balloons to Rs 7.16 lakh crore, at 120% of revised FY18 aim–29.03.2018

Why services sector is the growth engine of Indian economy – The Financial Express–27.03.2018

Why India is a growing economy but an unhappy nation | opinion | top | Hindustan Times


आकडय़ांच्या जादूचा शेवटचा प्रयोग | अर्थसंकंप व वस्तू व सेवा कर —लोकसत्ता —२९.०१.२०१८

FM’s Budget options are severely limited–Deccan Chronicle–29.01.2018

Budget 2018: Great Expectations – Business Line–28.01.2018

वाटचालीचे समाधान पण आव्हानेही|– डॉ. अजित रानडे–महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स–२७.०१.२०१८—–*****

कच्च्या तेलाच्या अटळ झळा – महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स —२७.०१.२०१८—–*****

Fuel taxes hurting people, economy–Deccan Herald–27.01.2018

The oil risk — on the rise in international prices – The Hindu–27.01.2018

A risky recovery — on IMF’s global growth predictions – The Hindu–27.01.2018

|महागाईच्या वणव्याकडे? – अग्रलेख –महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स –२६.०१.२०१८

Facing the slowdown | The Indian Express–26.01.2018—–*****

Is Indian economy being run by a very small set of people, worries Raghuram Rajan – The Economic Times–25.01.2018—–*****

Budget 2018: Why fiscal deficit is such a demon for Jaitley as he writes his Budget – The Economic Times–25.01.2018Budget 2018: Why fiscal deficit is such a demon for Jaitley as he writes his Budget – The Economic Times–25.01.2018

Fiscal consolidation is likely to continue – Livemint–25.01.2018

‘Growth has dipped below the 30-year average’ – The Hindu–Mr. Kaushik Basu–former CEA–24.01.2018—–*****

Why India needs to grow faster – The Financial Express–24.01.2018

Budget 2018: View: Make it big, Mr Jaitley. India really needs a boost – The Economic Times–Mr. T K Arun–24.01.2018—–*****

Forced formalisation is not healthy | Business Standard Column–C Rammanohar Reddy–23.01.2018—–*****

Economy shifting to non-bank funding–Economic Times–22.01.2018

Budget 2018: Unfair to judge me on demonetisation and GST only, says Modi | Business Standard News–20.01.2018—–*****

Strong rupee, demonetisation and GST continue to hurt, badly-Here is how – The Financial Express–20.01.2018

Indian Budget’s misplaced priorities | Business Standard Column–19.01.2018—–*****

Budget 2018: Proposals would definitely be compelling given that they come just before elections year – The Financial Express–19.01.2018—–*****

Why growth can’t be revived till rural demand picks up – The Financial Express–18.01.2018

New FDI norms will spur jobs, economy–Deccan Herald–17.01.2018—–*****

Don’t bank on Budget numbers | Business Standard Column–16.01.2018

This is what is throttling smooth business for online marketplaces – The Financial Express–16.01.2018

Comprehensive policy to promote agriculture exports on anvil – The Economic Times–16.01.2018

Fiscal deficit, growth and employment | Business Standard Column–Mr.Rajwade–15.01.2018—–*****

What is ‘truth’ of Indian Economy? P Chidambaram explains – The Financial Express–15.01.2018—–*****

Economy: Walking, but not yet running | Business Standard Column–12.01.2018—–*****

[GDP]The 6.5% warning | The Indian Express–11.01.2018—–*****

Economic reforms will bear fruit in 2018–CEO Yes Bank–09.01.2018—–*****

Not in a sweet spot | Business Line–09.01.2018

Budget 2018 needn’t be populist | Business Standard Column–Mr. AK Bhattacharya–08.01.2018

Hitting the bottom | Business Standard Editorials–08.01.2018—–*****

Looking back: Was 2017 the year of disruption or of consolidation? – The Financial Express–07.01.2018

Fears of imminent economic slowdown have come true, says P Chidambaram – The Financial Express–07.01.2018

No harm in fiscal deficit slippage if capex gets major boost: Ficci head | Business Standard News–06.01.2018—–*****

7 reasons why FY18 GDP growth forecast should be viewed with caution | Business Standard News–06.01.2018—–*****

T N Ninan: Tax, don’t frighten, investors in Union Budget 2018 | Business Standard Column–06.01.2018—–*****

Demonetisation, GST effects: GDP growth seen at 4-year low of 6.5% | Business Standard News–06.01.2018—–*****

Budget 2018: Fiscal prudence must – The Financial Express–06.01.2018—–*****

Economic growth: Some momentum, not enough to matter – The Financial Express–06.01.2018—–*****

No new taxes: Budget 2018 must avoid the temptation to bolster government revenues myopically–06.01.2018—–*****

Feisty Jaitley defends handling of economy | Business Line–05.01.2018—–*****

Budget 2018: What a widening fiscal deficit could mean | Business Standard News–05.01.2018—–*****

Niti Aayog’s three-point formula for India to beat China’s economic growth – The Financial Express–05.01.2018

Arvind Panagariya lauds this ‘mantra’ of Narendra Modi for his bureaucrats to move the nation forward – The Financial Express–05.01.2018

Arun Jaitley in Rajya Sabha: Global slowdown main reason for weak economy – The Financial Express–05.01.2018

On the ledger: on fiscal consolidation – The Hindu–04.01.2018

Ex RBI Governor Subbarao: Financial inclusion drive must target the poor: Former RBI Governor D Subbarao – The Economic Times–04.01.2018

Bad loans to remain a thorn in Indian banks’ side for now–Business Today–03.01.2018

Need to end fiscal targeting obsession- Business News–03.01.2018

When slack credit demand pares rates–Economic Times–03.01.2018

Why is the fiscal deficit widening? – The Hindu–02.01.2018

Why we should worry about the fall in bank credit | Business Line–02.01.2018

Fiscal deficit target: Jaitley on a sticky wicket | Business Line–02.01.2018

GDP growth to pick up in 2018; oil, inflation risk factors – The Economic Times–02.01.2018

Core sector grows 6.8% in November – The Economic Times–02.01.2018

Bank NPA data–28.12.2017NPA data-28.12.2017