Court Decisions

[6] Cheque case , –compounding of offence–31.05.2018

[5] Whether dishonour of post-dated cheque given for repayment of loan installment which is also described as security in loan agreement is covered by Section 138 of Act, 1881 ?–Source Manupatra


[4] Capital gains tax exemption valid even if housing loan used for new house: ITAT – The Economic Times-13.04.2018

[3] “If the contract of insurance has been cancelled and all concerned have been intimated, the insurance company would not be liable to satisfy the claim.”

Motor Vehicles Act, 1988–and –Insurance Act, 1938–Liability of the Insurer if policy is cancelled before the accident took place [ Intimation given to owner of vehicle of cancellation ] -Whether insurer liable?–Held, “no”–Source–Manupatra–case decided by Supreme Court in 2007

: MANU/SC/4587/2007

[2] Appeal by United India dismissed–Third party insurance policy was issued but the chq for renewal was dishonored but the policy was not cancelled

Whether Appellant-Insurance Company, was absolved of its obligations to third party under policy of insurance because cheque given by owner of vehicle towards premium got dishonoured and subsequent to accident, insurer cancelled policy of insurance–Manupatra–decided on 17.04.2012

[1] Supreme Court Decision–in a case where there was no driving licence-Dinesh Kumar Vs National Insurance–decided on 15.12.2017–Emphasis mine–

Brief case: Clarifications on IBC, fresh auction with clear terms, and more | Business Standard Column–09.01.2018