6 incomes that your Annual Information Statement shows the tax department – ​AIS: Consolidated tax statement | The Economic Times

lipped from: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/wealth/tax/6-incomes-that-your-annual-information-statement-shows-the-tax-department/ais-consolidated-tax-statement/slideshow/88756876.cms

​Rental income


​Rental income

This section includes rent received from various sources, including:

  • If you have given your PAN to your tenant and your tenant has given PAN to his employer to claim HRA exemption.
  • If you are receiving rent of Rs 50,000 or more per month;
  • If you have received rent from land, building, machinery etc. where TDS has been deducted at the rate of 10%.

As per the new income tax portal, information for rent received will be summed up at PAN level. Similarly, employer reports the PAN of landlord to whom rent is paid by an employee in Annexure II of the TDS statement. The sum of rent received from all tenants will be reflected in the Taxpayer Information Summary (TIS).iStock

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