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12.11.2019–Family affairs not to affect compensation**Business Standard

12.04.2019–हेल्थ टिप्स: असा करा चालण्याचा व्यायाम–महाराष्ट्र टाइ–

12.04.2019–हेल्थ टिप्स: चालणे हा उत्तम व्यायाम–महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

12.04.2019–वाढत्या नकारात्मकतेचे वय..महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

02.04.2019–NYAY works against jobs | Business Standard Column

01.04.2019–आणखी किती पोखरणार? |अग्रलेख –लोकसत्ता

31.03.2019–NYAY, PM KISAN problematic, target narrow group: Arvind Subramanian | Business Standard News

30.03.2019–The crisis in India’s justice system–Economic Times

28.03.2019–उपग्रहभेदी ‘शक्ती’ – महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

28.03.2019–पुन्हा गरिबी हटाओ! -अग्रलेख -महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

28.03.2019–गरिबी आवडे सर्वाना.. |अग्रलेख लोकसत्ता

26.03.2019–Justice for the poor or path to ruin?–Economic Times

सांख्यिकी सत्य | लोकसत्ता

25.03.2019–| जेट जाउ द्या मरणालागुनि.. | लोकसत्ता

25.03.2019–| जेट जाउ द्या मरणालागुनि.. | लोकसत्ता

23.03.2019–HDFC Bank warns about this fraud; Know how to keep your money safe – The Financial Express

22.03.2019–Over 1 million sign petition to reverse Brexit as Theresa May seeks delay – The Economic Times

22.03.2019–| दुष्काळाच्या झळा | लोकसत्ता

20.03.2019–Chinese products: Like it or not, you can’t avoid our products: Chinese media to India–Economic Times

20.03.2019–RBI: Reserve Bank of India raises concern over role of ‘rating advisers’–Economic Times

20.03.2019–Boycotting Chinese goods is pie-in-the-sky for now; there is no alternative to imports – The Financial Express

20.03.2019–What will the rupee do now – Mecklai–The Financial Express

19.03.2019–सहज सज्जन –श्री मनोहर पर्रीकर | लोकसत्ता

19.03.2019–“Up to one-third of existing jobs will be automated in next three yrs” – The Hindu BusinessLine

19.03.2019–अर्ध्यावर मोडलेला डाव… – |श्री मनोहर पर्रीकर –महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

17.03.2019–Even if critical, govt must make employment data available: Kaushik Basu – The Financial Express

15.03.2019–The philanthropy mirage | Business Standard Editorials

14.03.2019–Bravo, Azim Premji! CSR gets big boost–Economic Times

14.03.2019–India far away from being less-cash economy, must address digital payments security issues: Nandan Nilekani – The Economic Times

14.03.2019–Time to revisit incentives for justice system | Business Standard Column

13.03.2019–Ex RBI Governor–Raghuram Rajan says capitalism is ‘under serious threat’ – The Economic Times

13.03.2019–How to claim car insurance in case your car catches fire – The Financial Express

12.03.2019–Settlement of health-cover claim must improve, says IRDAI chief – The Hindu BusinessLine

१२.०३.२०१९–एक ‘नीरव’ शांतता.. |लोकसत्ता

10.03.2019–न्यायालये, लोकशाही आणि माध्यमे | लोकसत्त्ता

08.03.2019–Groundwater: A dangerous threshold–Economic Times

07.03.2019–Cash deposit after note ban: CBDT sets deadline for completing assessment of 87,000 non-filers – The Hindu BusinessLine

07.03.2019–Cash deposit after note ban: CBDT sets deadline for completing assessment of 87,000 non-filers – The Hindu BusinessLine

07.03.2019–Cash deposit after note ban: CBDT sets deadline for completing assessment of 87,000 non-filers – The Hindu BusinessLine

07.03.2019–संघर्ष टाळा |अमेरिकेस त्यांच्याच भाषेत उत्तर देण्याची भाषा आत्मसन्माननिदर्शक असेलही. पण ती व्यावहारिक शहाणपणाची नाही..अग्रलेख लोकसत्ता

07.03.2019–Youth inactivity highest in India among emerging markets: IMF economist – The Economic Times

06.03.2019–| कोकणचा राजा | नाणारचा तेलशुद्धीकरण प्रकल्प आंध्र प्रदेश वा गुजरातमध्ये जाण्याचा धोका मुख्यमंत्र्यांमुळे टळला, हे राज्यासाठी उत्तम झाले..लोकसत्ता

06.03.2019–सदनिका खरेच स्वस्त होणार? -महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

05.03.2019–अर्थव्यवस्थेच्या विकासाची गती मंदावण्याचे एक तात्कालिक कारण म्हणजे खासगी क्षेत्र गुंतवणुकीस तयार नसणे..—अग्रलेख लोकसत्ता

05.03.2019–How bankruptcy code can help fix India’s agrarian crisis – The Economic Times

04.03.2019–| उदार आणि उदात्त –अबू धाबीत झालेल्या इस्लामिक देशांच्या परिषदेतील सुषमा स्वराज यांचा सहभाग हा बौद्धिक आनंद देणारा होता.–लोकसत्ता

04.03.2019–In critical condition – India’s medical education system–The Hindu BusinessLine

02.03.2018–No country for old people | Business Standard Editorials

02.03.2018–Safer way to transact online: Tokenisation of card transactions enhances digital payments ecosystem – The Financial Express

01.03.2018–The Aadhaar ordinance raises serious constitutional concerns | columns | Hindustan Times

01.03.2018–Failure to repay a loan is not a criminal offence unless there is fraudulent intent: SC – The Hindu BusinessLine

01.03.2018–Supreme Court judgement on PF contribution: How it impacts your PF and take-home pay – The Financial Express

01.03.2018–Posted overseas? Not disclosing foreign bank accounts can lead to prosecution under Black Money Act – The Economic Times

28.02.2019–Decoding the Ordinance on unregulated deposit schemes – The Hindu BusinessLine

28.02.2019–Recapitalisation not enough, PSU banks need Rs 1.64 lakh crore to deal with future losses – The Financial Express

28.02.2019–Counter strike: Responsive & responsible–Economic Times

28.02.2019–Universal Basic Income: Why Universal Basic Income is a bad idea–Economic Times

27.02.2019–Certainties in the wake of the IAF strikes | columns | Hindustan Times

27.02.2019–Surgical Strike 2.0: Pakistan gets a clear message from India that hosting terrorists and staging terror attacks will prove costly–Times of India

27.02.2019–Demonetisation | Note Ban: Demonetisation 2.0? New rule to regulate deposits may hurt many–Economic Times

26.02.2019–Banks may set repo rate as benchmark – The Hindu


26.02.2019–More defaults on cards? Realty cash crunch threatens stressed shadow banks | Business Standard News

26.02.2019–Learning from Steve Jobs: Three business lessons that the Apple founder taught us – The Economic Times

२४.०२.२०१९–Modicare push: Over 12 lakh people availed free treatment under Ayushman Bharat – The Financial Express

२४.०२.२०१९–आटपाट नगरातले मोठे.. | अग्रलेख लोकसत्ता

23.02.2019–Is the taxman trying to mend its ways or what? – The Financial Express

23.02.2019–Tackling corruption: Banks to use algorithm to decide your loan application – The Financial Express

23.02.2019–Anil Ambani’s big service to India–Economic Times

23.02.2019–Beyond oil – The Hindu BusinessLine

23.02.2019–देशातील अत्यवस्थ आरोग्य व्यवस्था | लोकसत्ता

22.02.2019–दु:ख एकटे… |’नाही मी एकला’ फादर फ्रान्सिस दिब्रिटो लिखित पुस्तक –महाराष्ट्र टाइम्स

22.02.2019—Pledged shares and real estate loans are worrying – The Financial Express

21.02.2019–Why India needs a seriously tightened population policy to reduce poverty | Business Standard Column

21.02.2019–Ribeiro–I grieve for my men | The Indian Express

21.02.2019–Pay close attention to matters of the heart |Vivek Wadhwa| Hindustan Times