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Inflation in second covid wave

08.05.2021–Auto sales: It’s May-hem in auto, sales may fall 70-80% – The Economic Times

03.05.2021–PLI scheme going under utilised, says Niti Aayog vice chairman – The Financial Express

03.05.2021–India Trade Deficit: Record growth in April exports, trade deficit swells to $15.24 billion – The Economic Times

02.05.2021–India’s manufacturing industries pin hope on a speedy recovery – The Economic Times

02.05.2021–Inflation: Retail inflation for industrial workers rises to 5.64% in March – The Economic Times

02.05.2021–Four reasons why India’s coronavirus crisis will derail the world economy | Business Standard News

01.05.2021–Indian economy was well on the road to recovery before new virus wave hit – The Economic Times

01.05.2021–Loan growth touches new low in the pandemic year – The Economic Times

01.05.2021–More job-loss ahead, raise govt spending – The Financial Express

30.04.2021-States need to come on board for success of PLIs: MAIT – The Economic Times

30.04.2021–Niti Aayog: Private sector of India has to be key driver of growth: Niti Aayog VC Rajiv Kumar – The Economic Times

02.04.2019–External stress returns | Business Standard Editorials

02.04.2019–RBI’s challenges | Business Standard Editorials

01.04.2019–Cloudy outlook for our trade | Business Standard Column

01.04.2019–New welfare paradigm – The Hindu BusinessLine

31.03.2019–Low inflation under Modi helping poor, says CEA Subramanian; here’s what he says on RBI’s monetary policy – The Financial Express

31.03.2019–CEA Subramanian counters Raghuram Rajan on GDP data: Controversy baseless; growth best since liberalisation – The Financial Express

30.03.2019–Auto Sector–Throttling back – The Hindu BusinessLine

28.03.2019–Rupee strengthens. Should RBI worry? – The Hindu BusinessLine

27.03.2019–Raghuram Rajan raises doubts about India growing at 7%, says cloud over GDP data needs to be cleared – The Economic Times

25.03.2019–Need of the hour is competent economic managers, not just self-appointed watchmen – The Financial Express

23.03.2019–India needs more reforms to remain the fastest-growing large economy: IMF | Business Standard News

23.03.2019–EPFO payroll data: 8.96 lakh jobs created in Jan, 76.48 lakh in last 17 months: EPFO payroll data – The Economic Times

23.03.2019–Good going! Forex reserves up by $3.6 billion to $405.6 billion – The Financial Express

22.03.2019–RBI’s bond buys in current fiscal year can be inflationary, say economists | Business Standard News

22.03.2019–UK facing ‘national emergency’ on Brexit: Business, unions – The Economic Times

20.03.2019–Arun Jaitley dubs ‘108 purported economists’ as compulsive contrarians – The Economic Times

20.03.2019–India GDP: India needs farm revolution to attain 9-10% GDP growth: Amitabh Kant–Economic Times

20.03.2019–Robust expenditure planning important to tackle socio-economic challenges: RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das – The Financial Express

20.03.2019–What will the rupee do now – Mecklai–The Financial Express

19.03.2019–Anaemic exports growth | Business Standard Editorials

19.03.2019–RBI’s $5 billion swap may be good move; but how will Shaktikanta Das convince US Fed? – The Financial Express

19.03.2019–Economy–Slowdown signals | Business Standard Editorials

19.03.2019–131 CAs back Modi govt on economic data, question motives of scholars who criticised it–The Print

19.03.2019–Rupee: Dollar-rupee swap: RBI chief between a rock and a hard place – The Economic Times

19.03.2019–Damned statistics produce bad policy–Economic Times

17.03.2019–A China trade deal will be a triumph for Donald Trump | Business Standard Column

16.03.2019–Unemployment in India: Energising SMBs can be the answer to the employment problem – The Financial Express

15.03.2019–India can’t look for US support and fight a trade war with it – The Financial Express

15.03.2019–Brexit’s economic poison will last for years – The Financial Express

14.03.2019–Modi’s unfinished agenda is a long one; most industries need big reforms – The Financial Express

13.03.2019–Low retail inflation is double-edged sword for PM Narendra Modi before polls – The Economic Times

12.03.2019–Answering questions on the unemployment rate | Business Standard Column

12.03.2019–Why Reserve Bank of India should cut CRR levels – The Financial Express

10.03.2019-Women as borrowers | Business Standard Editorials

10.03.2019–Expand credit to boost growth | Business Standard Column

09.03.2019–Fiscal Yin, monetary Yang | Business Standard Column

09.03.2019–Solving the farm riddle | Business Standard Editorials

09.03.2019–MSME sector added up to 14.9 million jobs per annum in last four years, claims CII survey – The Economic Times

08.03.2019–The job crisis and solutions | Business Standard Column

08.03.2019–Why the economy is lacking josh – The Hindu BusinessLine

०७.०३.२०१९–Indian exports can thrive sans GSP sops–Economic Times

07.03.2019–Strengthen NREGS to support the rural economy | columns | Hindustan Times

06.03.2019–India’s February jobless rate climbed to 7.2 per cent: CMIE – The Economic Times

06.03.2019–China’s economy slows down: Here’s how it is affecting the world – The Financial Express

06.03.2019–India shrugs off US move to end preferential trade treatment – The Hindu BusinessLine

06.03.2019–Trade error | US steps to raise tariffs –Business Standard Editorials

06.03.2019–The next government’s biggest challenge | Business Standard Column

05.03.2019–Chinese cheer for Indian exports – The Hindu BusinessLine

05.03.2019–अर्थव्यवस्थेच्या विकासाची गती मंदावण्याचे एक तात्कालिक कारण म्हणजे खासगी क्षेत्र गुंतवणुकीस तयार नसणे..—अग्रलेख लोकसत्ता

05.03.2019–India needs land, labour reform to aid manufacturing-chief economic adviser – The Financial Express

05.03.2019–Consumption is the key, not easy to stimulate either govt or private spending – The Financial Express

04.03.2019–Headwinds ahead: Economic data shows there is an urgent need to offset a slowdown in growth–Times of India

04.03.2019–March is going to be a huge month for the world economy – The Economic Times

04.03.2019–Meeting a target | [ fiscal deficit ] Business Standard Column

04.03.2019–Sustaining high growth with low inflation – The Hindu BusinessLine

02.03.2018–India’s economy just fell in with bad crowd; here’s how – The Financial Express

02.03.2018–India’s growth may decelerate further despite election spending – The Economic Times

01.03.2018–GDP–Lower than expected | Business Standard Editorials

01.03.2018–Under threat: India’s miracle growth rate–Economic Times

28.02.2019–No real boost – The Hindu BusinessLine

28.02.2019–Universal Basic Income: Why Universal Basic Income is a bad idea–Economic Times

27.02.2019–Targeted Budget: April-January fiscal deficit at 121.5% of full-year target–Economic Times

26.02.2019–Banks may set repo rate as benchmark – The Hindu

26.02.2019–The FDI problem | Business Standard Editorials

25.02.2019–Into a black hole – The Hindu BusinessLine

२४.०२.२०१९–India has the second worst NPA ratio among large economies–The Print

22.02.2019–संधिकाळातील मंदी |अग्रलेख लोकसत्ता-